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Our Aims

At Little Explorers Hythe we aim to provide the best possible childcare and early years education for young children. 

We aim to:

  • Develop in every child; a positive self image, confidence and sensitivity to others

  • Help children and their parents to make an easy transition from the family home to the larger community of the nursery and on to school

  • Maintain a welcoming, secure and stimulating environment in which little minds and bodies can grow happily and at their own pace

Our Aimes
Little Explorers Hythe

What is the EYFS?

It is a framework which shapes high standards of practice. At our nursery we embrace the EYFS wholeheartedly, from activities, resources and staff training through to policies, procedures and management. A child's experience in the early years has a major impact on their future life chances.

The Nursery follows a structure of learning, development and care for children from birth to five years old. This is called the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and it enables your child to learn through a range of activities.

EYFS seeks to ensure that we provide the level of care which means parents can be confident that their child will receive a quality experience that supports their development and learning.

There are six areas of Learning and Development, which help us to observe, plan and assess your child's activities, based on their individual development and needs.

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Communication, Language and Literacy

  • Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy

  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World

  • Physical Development

  • Creative Development

This approach ensures that the EYFS meets the overarching aim of improving outcomes and reflects that it is every child's right to grow up safe; healthy; enjoying and achieving; making a position contribution; and with economic well-being. Find out more about the EYFS here; 

Early Years Foundation Stage
Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Little Explorers Hythe is owned by two experienced, qualified teachers. Between us we have over 20 years of teaching experience in a fast paced and growing local primary school. Our passion is Early Years! We are determined to provide the best childcare in Shepway. 

Join Our Team

Join Our Team

At Little Explorers Hythe we are always keen to hear from individuals who have;


  • A great passion for supporting children to develop

  • Good communication skills and who able to work as part of a team 

  • A sense of humour, common sense and a ‘can do’ attitude!

  • Lots of drive, ambition and energy!

  • Determination, persistence and resilience, who approach and overcome challenges with a positive attitude

  • 2 years experience working in early years and that holds a level 3 childcare qualification


Please contact us for further details. 


Click on the button to download our Staff Application Form

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